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America DJ's Song Request Form

Please fill this form out to request music for our upcoming parties or events you are planning or attending. Please send your friends to this page so they can request songs for your party or event in advance so that we may be better prepared and have the songs everyone wants to hear.

If the party is a Sweet Sixteen Party or a birthday party and you would like to include a dedication with your song request, please use our Song Dedication form.

Please note that if you the host have requested certain types of music to not be played, we will not play them even if your guests request them.

Please note, if you are a bride or groom sending in a song request list for a wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception, PLEASE use your online planning forms instead of this form so we can better organize your wedding day and prevent any misunderstandings or miscommunications.

Click Here to Make Guest Requests for an Upcoming Event!  This is the NEW Guest Song Request form, please use this if you have booked with our new online booking system.

Date of Event:

Name of Client or Host of Party/Event:

This party is for: (Honoree or birthday person's name)

Your Name:

Your email address:

Song Requests -
Please list the Song Artist first, followed by the Song Title - list as many as you like.
Please list only one per line.

Your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone
except the client or host of the party.

If you have problems submitting this form, please email us your song requests with the information above, please place each song title and artist on a separate line.


Please note that the client may have blacklisted certain types of music or songs if you are attending an event or party, so with that in mind, some or all of your songs may at their request not be played.

NEW! - A sampling of our songlist - this is by no means our entire songlist, however many people have requested to see what kinds of music we have, so we are doing our best to accommodate your needs.


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