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March 2006

The Pic Skate®

As promised, Tony Johnson has been evaluating the Pic Skate® frames on a new skate set-up. He mounted them onto some new Riedell 220 Silver Medallion artistic skate boots which is the same boot model he also wears on his quad skates and figure "ice" skates.

What is a Pic Skate®? It is an inline skate that replicates the feel of ice skating (figure skating) but allows you to skate on any flat level surface such as a roller skating rink or outdoors if you are gutsy enough to take it to the concrete or pavement. The frame is rockered to mimic the curve of an ice skate blade which is different from regular inline skates which has the wheels in a straight line across the frame. The wheels being rockered in a curved shape allows you to skate on the middle wheels and do turns and spins just like you would on a ice skate blade.

There is one main difference between skating on ice skates and the Pic Skates® and that is with the Pic Skates® you can actually skate on the back wheels only when skating sideways whereas on ice skates you cannot go up onto the back edge of the blades and skate.

So far, he loves the feel of the skates and says they feel just like ice skates. He has already begun to do spins and jumps on them just as he does on his quad skates and figure skates with ease.

The only downside that has restricted him from wearing them more often is that he now has to break in new boots, which is an uncomfortable process when you wear this kind of boot.

He claims in the future that he intends to find another boot that will offer more comfort for his next pair of quad skates. At this time, I am going to try to hook him up with some Riedell 297 boots to at least try on since they are comfortable from day one. They won't provide as much ankle support for jumps as they are a more flexible boot, but they are the most comfortable skate boots......of course we will keep you updated on how that goes too.



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